Sunday, 1 April 2018

April Update

So, blogging hasn't gone as planned this year and time slips away so quickly.

Hubby and I have been travelling Australia in our caravan, but this is no excuse. You would think being retired I would have more time to blog, but it just doesn't happen sometimes.

Western Australia has been hot these last few weeks.  We have now been here 6 months and probably won't be out of Western Australia until May.  So we are currently in Coral Bay WA.  It is beautiful, but if you don't boat or fish or spend every day on the beach, you really don't need a long stay here.

What have I been stitching.

Enchanted mermaid is at a stop because I ran out of 014 metallic and won't receive my order for it until I get home.  Buying things by mail is the really hard part of travelling, you need to make sure you are somewhere for a while to give it time to arrive.

On another note, I don't think I will ever bead as I go again, it has made stitching the tail difficult.  I don't have the tension I like using only 3 sides of a qsnap.  I've always waited to bead but as other people bead as they go, I decided to try it.  Like over 1 stitching, it is not for me.

Under the Moonlight got some work and now there is just the huge tail fin to stitch.  My last picture doesn't show the bottom of the rock.

I also made a new start this week.  I  vented some frustration I was having with a particular cross stitch design company on a FB group and it was reported back to the company owner, who then sent me a very unkind email to me about it.  My mistake was thinking I was in a "safe" environment of that group and as a result, I had an massive cleanout of my friends on FB.  Yes, I know who it was now, so shame on her for being such a tattletale.

Back to my new start, Miss Cherry Blossom has been screaming at me for a while to start her, but this year was supposed to be a WIP finishing year.  Given my history with finishing stuff, this was doomed to fail.

I am glad I started with her with the checkerboard.  It is in preparation for starting Villa Mirabilia and her skirt is mostly nearly all checkerboard.

There was a Chatelaine sale earlier this year, if I haven't mentioned it before, Martina passed away before Christmas last year and her daughter Ela has been wonderful in taking up management of her website.  The world is sadder for Martina's passing.

In Ela's sale, I bought Herbularius.  I already have Pomarium and I want to get Poison Garden, Rosarium and Tinctorium for the set.

I also bought a few Primitive Hare charts in her recent sale:

Anne Boleyn needlekeep I received for free for purchasing the other 3 designs.

Well, I'm off to stitch a bit more of Miss Cherry Blossom.  Sorry for the late blog post and I will try to remember to post more often.

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  1. Hi Kim! I feel your Blog pain... I am way behind on blog posting and reading.. I saw your post and cross post... your vent wasn't that bad and didn't need to be reported :0(
    Love your start on Miss Cherry Blossom. She is going to be beautiful :0)
    Coral Bay is a beautiful spot... but like you said not much to do if you're not fishing or boating!
    Hopefully we will get to catch up again before you leave WA.
    Hugs, Leonie x