Saturday, 3 September 2016

September post

So, I managed to remind myself to post on my blog, yay me!

We are currently downsizing from our family home to a smaller home and also we are going to be traveling in our caravan for quite a while, so deciding on what projects to take with me is becoming a big problem.  Of course, going through each project, it calls out to me and tells me to take it with me. 

I've managed to get it down to one BAP project - SS The Fantastic Voyage MC, and 3 Mirabilia Designs - Christmas in London, Gypsy Queen and Enchanted Mermaid.  I also have a few projects all parceled up ready to be posted to me care of the local post office when we are staying somewhere for a week or more.

I will be taking part of a quilting project with me, as I have completed most of this quilt, but can't really put it together fully on the road.  My machine is a tiny Elna Opal, which turns out to work on 12 volt.  It is a bit noisy, but at least I can straight stitch on it and then do the rest when I get home.

Did I buy anything this month?  Good question, I have the brain power of a gnat for remembering at the moment.  Let's see if I can find anything I've bought..

I got a few Mirabilia Designs:


Mother's Bliss

Deco Spirits

I did make 3 new starts since my last post.

Gypsy Queen on Colour Cascade Fabrics Raspberry Swirl

Enchanted Mermaid on Colour Cascade Fabrics Silver Spring

Blossom Collector on Colour Cascade Fabrics Storms

All are 28 count Jobelan.

Here are some pictures of my new sewing room.

My sewing buddy

and me...

until next time, happy sewing!


  1. Great new stash and wonderful starts. Have fun as you travel around!

  2. Great pictures and progress! Good luck with the move :)

  3. I bet that was agonising trying to choose which babies to take with you on your trip. But at least you have those parcels ready to be sent as needed. You're sewing room is so neat. I love your new starts too. I was hoping to get Blossom as well I loved her on sight. You look so cute, that's a great photo of you. xox Alicia