Sunday, 19 July 2015

Back to Blogging!

Time really does fly past, doesn't it?  Whenever I think to blog, I am usually not at the desktop and the tablets are only friendly with being convenient, not actually replace a desktop.

I've been away from the computer for a while, on holidays and having an operation.  I've also been using the phone and tablet a lot more.  But, there is something soothing about typing your blog at a desktop computer.

Anyway, enough about technology.  What has happened since I last blogged?

There is going to be an Australian Mirabilia Retreat!!!  I'm so excited!!! I presented the idea to Karen at Linen and Threads to see how viable it would be and she agreed to give it a go.

It is being held at the beautiful Carrington Hotel in Katoomba on 5th and 5th March 2016.  I can't wait.  If you are interested, here is the information for it -

Mum got her framing back for QS Opal and submitted it for the reward chart program.

She chose QS Dandelion Dream by CC Kuik.

Work in Progress:

Step 10 of PR Mystery SAL.  
This has just been picked up in the rotation for the week (or a page finish) whichever comes first.

 Apocalypse Tink.
The week rotation has just finished, so close to a page finish!
 Red by Mirabilia.
This won't be in the rotation for a while.  I will be working on
Enchanted Mermaid first.
I was lucky enough to win this in an auction and had to start immediately.  
Just the beading to do.

Charts I bought the last couple of months:

Colour Cascade Designs:

D (Large)
 Mirabilia Designs "Christmas in London"
 Mirabilia Designs "Moon Flowers"
 Mirabilia Designs "Florentina"

I received 2 RAK's for my birthday:

Alice in a Starry Sky from the Crafty Princess
 Funeral from Kim

Heave and Earth Designs:

Supersized Heroes and Heroines
 Supersized Secret Garden
 Limited Edition Supersized Free Cities


  1. Stitching retreats are so much fun - you are going to have a blast! Great new charts - those supersized ones are really tempting and so beautiful.

  2. Great new stash :). Happy birthday!

  3. Oh man your mum puts me to shame Kim! Another magnificent framed piece. I love her choice of reward chart too. Your wips look amazing. I really love how Red is stitching up and Tiger Lily is perfection.

    Do you know which Miriabilia you will be working on at the retreat or are you going to see what's on offer there. The Carrington Hotel is lovely, you'll have a great time at the retreat. I only work up the road at Penrith so you should pop by on your way through. :D

    Nice stash girlfriend. We just can't get enough of those big girls can we LOL!

    xo Alicia