Sunday, 31 May 2015

Time does slip away, doesn't it?

I just realised we are teetering on the edge of a new month, June of all months.  I can't believe it has been over a month since I blogged.  Seriously?  Where has it all gone?

Well, I've been looking after hubby who hurt his back and has been suffering quite badly and then I had my own health scare, which means I am off to the Specialist tomorrow to see about surgery, so I guess that is how time just skipped right past without too much trouble....

I have had some retail therapy and got some stitching done, I have just been incredibly slack on taking photos.

I did win an auction on eBay for the OOP Tigerlily from Nora Corbett, and at a super reasonable price too.  I started stitching her yesterday on the Light Turquoise piece from the duets range at Colour Cascades.  Tammy is super excited about a new website, I will post the link. 

There has been some issues with the Australian Distributor of Mirabilia patterns and all things to do with those patterns.  I sent a feedback email to Wichelt and there have been promised made, but so far zip, so I think a follow up email is in order - hubby calls me the feedback queen.  I work in customer service and absolutely hate bad customer service and I am not afraid to comment about it. 

The Australian Distributors have been on my feedback hit list for a while, as I also had difficult obtaining a book through a quilt shop because of the Distributors and I ended up asking for a refund because it was taking so long to resolve.  I feel so sorry for the shops that have to deal with the Distributors, they are held to ransom because of agreements above their level and can't bypass them without legal action.  It is as rotten as the current political system, world wide it seems.

Anyway, off my soap box and onto purchases - I resolve to take photos of the lovely fabrics that Tammy has sent me during the month and I have been eagerly waiting the release of some new charts when her new website is up!

Please Note - I do shop elsewhere and the chart companies I frequent are Heaven and Earth Designs (as they have the gorgeous Aimee Stewart and Gordon Fitchett designs I cannot live without) and Tilton Crafts.

If I can't get my beading or metallic supplies from Colour Cascades, I shop at 123 stitch, but have had some of their mail go missing - I think my postie is also a cross stitcher.... LOL

Colour Cascades:


 Coral Charms
Red Lady Pirate

Damask Roses

Heaven and Earth Designs:
Toy Wonderama
 Wine Shelf
 Little Prince
 Little Princess
 Tea Rose Fairy
 Rose Arnna

I thought these last 2 ducks had completed my collection, but a new one was released last week! and a new bookshelf!!!

I also bought from Tilton Crafts, as they had a great sale going on (I had to continue my Ignatieva collection):

Well, hopefully that is enough for everyone to drool over.  I do solemnly declare (that I am up to no good!) that I will take some photos of my WIPs and post next weekend, as it is a long weekend here in Oz.

Have a great week!


  1. Love your chart choices!

  2. Great new charts! I'm like you where I love tilton (still waiting for brave to be charted) and haed. I like Mira's but haven't purchased yet. I'm also a Nora Corbett fan. Those are my 4 I shop from almost exclusively.