Saturday, 25 April 2015


I was in a really dark place recently and couldn't face blogging.  The only communication I kept with my cross stitch world was on FB, but even then it took me a while to come back.

Mum had a finish - QS Opal by Meredith Dillman (charted by HAED)

This is the third finished piece for her granddaughters, she is now stitching on her 4th piece, QS Lily Dream

I always start Mum off and thought I had started her at the top left of the piece laying landscape.  Oops, I started her at the top left of a portrait piece.  Poor mum, she had completed 4 squares before she showed me and I was so apologetic.  I made the frog visit.  :(

I've been stitching on a few pieces and feel like I'm getting nowhere fast, but I am determine to finish something before starting another piece.

Although I better get a move on, as Colour Cascades is having a SAL starting in June and I signed up for 2 pieces - Number 1 and 4.

Number 1 I am going to use something in my stash, as the background will be covered.  Number 4 I am going to use Kashmir from Colour Cascade Fabrics.  Here is a mockup:

I did find a couple of good charts recently too:


I also found this chart at HAED which I will stitch in honour of our family's fallen soldiers and the brokenhearted women left behind

QS Poppy from the Mist

Sigh, so many charts, so little time.

I am going to make more of an effort to blog, time just gets away from us all.  Until next time, happy stitching.


  1. Welcome back :) I love your new stash and the SAL designs are lovely. I just bought a Rapunzel design as well we should stitch them together :) Although not for a long time lol!

  2. It's good to see you blogging again.

  3. Lovely to see you back sweetie!

  4. Welcome back honey! Sorry to hear that you've had some dark time to deal with but I hope the worst of it is behind you and that life is magical again.

    Wow Kim your mum is putting us both to shame LOL! Well done Sylvia. Love the new stash and of course we would choose the same charts for the CC SAL. I've decided on Rocket Queen for dragonfly and bought two for witchy as I couldn't decide. Cant wait

    xo Alicia