Sunday, 1 April 2018

April Update

So, blogging hasn't gone as planned this year and time slips away so quickly.

Hubby and I have been travelling Australia in our caravan, but this is no excuse. You would think being retired I would have more time to blog, but it just doesn't happen sometimes.

Western Australia has been hot these last few weeks.  We have now been here 6 months and probably won't be out of Western Australia until May.  So we are currently in Coral Bay WA.  It is beautiful, but if you don't boat or fish or spend every day on the beach, you really don't need a long stay here.

What have I been stitching.

Enchanted mermaid is at a stop because I ran out of 014 metallic and won't receive my order for it until I get home.  Buying things by mail is the really hard part of travelling, you need to make sure you are somewhere for a while to give it time to arrive.

On another note, I don't think I will ever bead as I go again, it has made stitching the tail difficult.  I don't have the tension I like using only 3 sides of a qsnap.  I've always waited to bead but as other people bead as they go, I decided to try it.  Like over 1 stitching, it is not for me.

Under the Moonlight got some work and now there is just the huge tail fin to stitch.  My last picture doesn't show the bottom of the rock.

I also made a new start this week.  I  vented some frustration I was having with a particular cross stitch design company on a FB group and it was reported back to the company owner, who then sent me a very unkind email to me about it.  My mistake was thinking I was in a "safe" environment of that group and as a result, I had an massive cleanout of my friends on FB.  Yes, I know who it was now, so shame on her for being such a tattletale.

Back to my new start, Miss Cherry Blossom has been screaming at me for a while to start her, but this year was supposed to be a WIP finishing year.  Given my history with finishing stuff, this was doomed to fail.

I am glad I started with her with the checkerboard.  It is in preparation for starting Villa Mirabilia and her skirt is mostly nearly all checkerboard.

There was a Chatelaine sale earlier this year, if I haven't mentioned it before, Martina passed away before Christmas last year and her daughter Ela has been wonderful in taking up management of her website.  The world is sadder for Martina's passing.

In Ela's sale, I bought Herbularius.  I already have Pomarium and I want to get Poison Garden, Rosarium and Tinctorium for the set.

I also bought a few Primitive Hare charts in her recent sale:

Anne Boleyn needlekeep I received for free for purchasing the other 3 designs.

Well, I'm off to stitch a bit more of Miss Cherry Blossom.  Sorry for the late blog post and I will try to remember to post more often.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Late January update

I finally visited my fabric dealer at Colour Cascade Fabrics and met up with some other lovely stitching ladies.  Now that we have left Perth, I will miss seeing them all.

I have an update on Enchanted Mermaid, I have started her tail, but the dreaded frog visited so I have spent the last couple of nights unpicking what I stitched.

Here is my progress picture of Enchanted at the halfway point:

She is stitched on 28 count Silver Springs Jobelan from Colour Cascade Fabrics

My recent haul is as follows:

The next one is Miss Cherry Blossom from Mirabilia.  I have a piece of Fairies Wear Boots for her.

I also got a piece of My Island Home for the Harbour Haven SAL by By the Bay Needlework.  It is a really long piece of fabric.

I also got quite a few pieces of Ice Ice Baby to complete White Winter Santa, Santa's Sleigh and the Reindeers.

Well, there's my update for January.  Happy stitching everyone!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

mid-January post

I will be picking up some haul on Thursday from my favourite fabric dealer.  I also have some progress shots of Spring Topiary Garden and Serenity Harbour so I will post another update over the weekend.

Just keeping my promise of keeing up with my blog this year!

Update:  My favourite fabric dealer's puppy has bone cancer and had to be put to sleep this week.  She wasn't up for visitors so I will be visiting her on Tuesday now.


Friday, 5 January 2018

2018 is here!

So, I've been travelling around Australia as a Grey Nomad.  I tried a few different methods to keep myself accountable with my stitching, but I've decided to make more time for my blog.  It has been sorely neglected.

I tried Flosstube but it is not for me, as I find it difficult to put myself out there, so that fell by the wayside.  I also found that some Flosstubers seem to be in competition with each other and try to outdo each other with who has the most haul.  Again, not for me. 

Facebook is the most convenient because it is instant (I tried Instagram too) but not as satisfactory as a blog is.  I do love Facebook, it keeps me in touch with my friends, but you find that if you ramble on with a post, you lose interest fairly quickly in the post.

So, lets see how I go with keeping up with a blog after all this time. 

I have bought too many projects since my last post to even try to figure out what to share, but since it is the first month of 2018, I will share a couple of finishes and my WIPs.

In 2017, I actually finished 4 projects. 

My first finish in 2017 was The Garden Party by Mirabilia.  This was stitched on 28ct Welcome to the Jungle Lugana Opal from Colour Cascade Fabrics.

This project reminded me of my very young years in the 70s, when my mother used to tease her hair and put on her black caftan dress with goldwork around the front bodice part, Dad looked very dapper (as he was her younger man) and mum dressed me up in a lovely dress with a long jacket that had faux fur all down the front and around the neck. 

My second finish was Snapdragon by Nora Corbett.  I started and finished this one in the same year. This was stitched on 28ct Silver Springs Lugana Opal from Colour Cascade Fabrics.

Third finish was Berry Collector by Nora Corbett.  I had a Basal cell carcinoma removed last year from my nose and the awful part was I couldn't wear my glasses for a long time.  I found a solution - to use 11 count aida, but what to stitch on it.  I could have chosen a small HAED but instead I chose this one.  It is quite amazing how the Mirabilia and Nora Corbett designs interpret on all counts of fabric.

My final finish for 2017 was Gypsy Queen by Mirabilia.  It is stitched on 28ct Raspberry Swirl Lugana by Colour Cascade Fabrics.  I was lucky enough to win a signed Gypsy Queen chart and one of Nora's watercolours at the 2016 Mirabilia Retreat in Katoomba, NSW.  Of course, I had to stitch her so she could sit on the wall next to my framed watercolour and chart.

 My plans for 2018 are to finish a few more WIPs. 

I had only 1 new start planned - Spring Topiary Garden by Mirabilia.  It is being stitched on 28ct Moonshadow Lugana from Colour Cascade Fabrics.


Other WIPS to be finished are:

Under the Moonlight by Passione Ricamo

Raven Queen by Mirabilia.  Stitched on 32ct Moonshadow by Colour Cascade Fabrics.  I have gone away from using 32 count, as it is more difficult for me to see, but I really want to finish this and the other ones I have already started.

Red by Mirabilia.  Stitched on 32ct Linen from Colour Cascade Fabrics.  It was won in a Studio Sessions Sale that CCF have and it turns out this is how Golddigger dyes on linen.  I quite like the effect, but I can see why it is not offered for regular sale, as it is more green rather than the gold colour it should be. 

Happy Owl by Alessandra Adelaide Needlework.  Stitched on 28ct Sorcerer Monaco from Colour Cascade Fabrics. 

Burlesque Zombie Portrait from the book Twisted Stitches.  I started this one for DD's 21st.  Well, she is now 25, so it is high time I get it finished. 


Mermaid of Atlantis by Mirabilia.  Stitched on 28ct lucky dip ice dye Jobelan from Colour Cascade Fabrics.

Enchanted Mermaid by Mirabilia.  Stitched on 28ct Silver Springs Lugana from Colour Cascade Fabrics.  I added some of the beads and treasures on the shoulder, as I felt it was needed with how it was charted in that section.  There are going to be a lot of beads and treasures on this one, definitely earning her name as one of the blingiest Mirabilias.

Japanese Garden Mandala by Chatelaine Designs.  Stitched on 28ct Islands of Avalon Jobelan from Colour Cascade Fabrics.  I staretd this in 2014, but struggle at times with it.  Unsure why, but I have 3 other Chatelaines kitted up, so I better do some stitching on this one if I ever want to finish it. 

Serenity Harbour by By the Bay Needleart.  I have 4 parts stitched on this, but no progress picture.  Will have to remember that for when I work on it next.

Lady of Mystery by Mirabilia.  Stitched on 28ct Fairytale Lugana by Colour Cascade Fabrics.  This one has only a minimal bit stitched on it as it is was started at the Colour Cascade Fabrics Retreat in October 2017 but put aside for other WIPS.

 Blossom Goddess by Mirabilia.  Started at the 2017 Mirabilia Retreat, but only minimal stitches in it.  Again put aside for other WIPs.

 Well, there's my WIPs and I will figure out which projects will be finished as I go.  Have a great 2018 everyone and I hope you get lots of stitching done!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

September update number 2

This is a milestone for me, twice in one month.  I've been busy quilting my daughters quilt.  It needed to be finished before we head off on our travels, so I'm going to hold off posting any cross stitching progress until next month.

I made Jaybird Quilts Gravity BOM.  It is a King sized quilt and actually sold as one pattern, but you could do it as a block of the month if you wished,  I'm actually making 2 of these, but I will be getting the second one professionally quilted.  My daughter chose her own quilting designs and I finished it today.  I am doing this one on my domestic Bernina.  Those who quilt will know what a monumental task this is.

Here are some photos for you all:

Now I can get back to cross stitching.  To reward myself, I treated myself to some charts from the HAED sale:
 Frozen (ortega)
 Woodland Guardian (no background)
 My Sweet Pet
 Kindred Spirits (no background)

Until next time, happy stitching!